How does it work


Pregnancy Wheel

It will help you to know the exact pregnancy time, estimated childbirth date, how many pregnancy days have already elapsed and how many are still remaining. You will know in which pregnancy week you are, the average weight, size and femur lenght of the baby at this time.

Pregnancy scheduler

The pregnancy scheduler is a tool you can use to stamp daily all changes and sensations you will realise in your body since the first day you'll get the announcement. You will also find a private section where you will be able to load and save, if you feel like it, all the pictures of those physical changes.

Daily diary

In this section, you will write down ‒ just like you would do on a diary and as reminder ‒ the date and time of your regular gynecologist check ups. Additionally, if you like it, you'll have the chance to receive visual and audible alarms or notifications.

Questions for the doctor

You will be able to write down all the questions that may arise, and you can save them all together, so that you can ask everything to your gynecologist on your appointment. If you want to, you can anonymously post not only the question, but also the answer given by the medical specialist. You will have to keep in mind that every person and pregnancy is different. Therefore, these questions and answers are for guidance purposes only, they will never be considered as a treatment to be followed.

Pregnancy: week by week

Al the pregnancy information week by week. You'll see pictures, read advises and listen them by audio recordings.

A to Z Dictionary

This section will help you understand all the words you will hear about your pregnancy, with pictures and proper descriptions. This is an essential dictionary for all pregnant women.